Collaboration in Structural Design

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
June 3, 2014

bridge ellen fortin 20140306 web.jpg

A few times a year Madden & Baughman Engineering is fortunate to collaborate on a project that highlights pure structural design as a key feature of the completed form. This project, a light vehicular bridge over a creek, had the goals of shallow structural depth, and the use of naturally weather resistive material to complement the naturally forested site.

Working with architect Ellen Fortin, from Ellen Fortin Design + Architecture, the king post truss form was selected to match the profile of the creek bed. Corten steel was selected for its weather resistive characteristics and natural appearance. Madden & Baughman Engineering has experience specifying Corten steel for other small residential projects, providing the design team with the experience necessary to work around availability and cost constraints that would otherwise make the use of Corten steel impractical.


Preparing for the Future

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
May 3, 2014


We at Madden & Baughman Engineering are very pleased to announce our new location at 815 SW 2nd Avenue in downtown Portland. Thanks to our good friend John Lee at Jones, Lang, LaSalle, we were able to find an open floor office with a glassed in conference room, which has doubled our workspace. Because our office is highly collaborative we've found that an open floor complements our design process. Now that we've hired two excellent engineers this year we're expecting to hire another drafter and have set a goal to produce all of our structural drawings with Revit within the next five years.

Madden & Baughman Engineering on the Move

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
April 24, 2014

We will be moving our offices to a larger space at 815 SW 2nd Ave, Suite 350. We've added three employees in the last year and are expecting to add more. Our office will be closed Friday, April 25th as we make the transition.

Forthcoming Projects: We are in the process of finalizing a seismic strengthening of a 1912 warehouse in the central eastside of Portland, and we are completing an early foundation package for a large residential complex in Bainbridge Island, Washington, which includes townhouses, apartments and single family dwellings.

Northeastern Pennsylvania House Under Construction

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
April 17, 2014

NE PA HOUSE 20140417a web.jpg

Madden & Baughman Engineering provided structural engineering for a residence in remote northeastern Pennsylvania. The residence, designed by Cutler-Anderson Architects, of Bainbridge Island, Washington, is atypical for wood framed structures because the 20 foot tall studs are balloon framed, as seen in the photos above. We will update our blog with more photos as the structure is raised.


Projects in Construction

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
April 10, 2014

20140410 Ankeny.jpg

Madden & Baughman Engineering provided structural engineering design for four new apartment buildings currently under construction on SE Ankeny Street in Portland, Oregon. The site comprises an area of fill that stretches at least four blocks from SE 25th Street to SE 29th Street, and consequently the building is founded on pipe piles and structural grade beams. We are pleased to collaborate with COLAB Architecture + Urban Design on these buildings. The architectural expression will be similar to the Phase One buildings seen in the background.