The Benevento


Location: Portland, OR
Architect: GBD Architects, Portland, OR
Completion: 2013

The Benevento apartments is a 31,000 sq. foot, four-story building, with 4,500 sq. feet of ground floor retail space, 24 apartment units, and 18 secure/semi-automated parking spaces.  The structure consists of three stories of wood-framed construction over a reinforced concrete and post-tensioned concrete slab podium.


Black Butte Ranch, Sisters, Oregon

Architect: Thomas Hacker Architect, Portland, Oregon
Location: Sisters, Oregon
Completion: 2014

 Pool house, Bistro, and Recreational Building at central Oregon resort

921 Hildebrand

Owner: Madison Avenue Development
Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Architect: Cutler Anderson Architects, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Completion: 2004

10,000 square foot, two story office building.The gravity system consisted of 60 foot long trusses spanning to an unsheathed 2x6 wood bearing wall that was spaced to align with a structurally independent curtain wall. The lateral force resisting system consisted of drag struts which transfer load to a central concrete core, integrated with steel braced frames around the perimeter.

The Ramble

Owner: Biltmore Estate
Architect: Cutler Anderson Architects, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Completion: 2008

An 8,000 square foot development center, framed with wood and concrete. Custom timber trusses with steel rod bottom chords and specially fabricated heel to top chord connections were built on-site.

2008 AIArchitect Honor Award (North Carolina Chapter)