Big Pipe Portal Structure

Owner: City of Portland, Oregon
Location: Portland, Oregon
Architect: Rhiza A+D, Portland, OR
Completion: 2009

The Big Pipe Portal Structure located on Swan Island in Portland, Oregon is a public art commission for the Bureau of Environmental Services (B.E.S.).
Size: 18’h x 24’w x 26’d. Materials: Donated Pre-cast Concrete Tunnel Lining Segments, Reinforcing Cage, and Stainless.


Timberline Lodge Winter Entrance

Owner:  United States Forest Service
Location:  Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon
Architect:  Rhiza A+D, Portland, OR
Completion:  2009

A new aluminum structure with segmental arches forming a wintertime entryway to historic Timberline Lodge. The United States Forest Service, Timberline operator RLK & Company and Friends of Timberline dedicated the entryway on October 3, 2009.

Moberg Glass Stairs

Owner:  Moberg Fireplaces
Location:  Portland, Oregon
Architect:  GBD Architects

These unique stairs are almost completely made of glass, and seem to reflect the light of a real flame.