Fitzgibbons Glass Company Building

Owner: Pettigrove Venture LLC
Location: Portland, Oregon
Architect: Stem Architecture, Portland, OR
Completion: 2007

A 20,000 square foot, 1920's era unreinforced concrete and timber framed structure was seismically strengthened to meet the modern requrements of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code. Additions to the building included an exterior elevator, a sun screen and canopy, and an interior mezzanine.

2007 LEED Gold Certification Award

Grand Central Baking Northwest

Owner: Grand Central Bakery
Location: Portland, OR 
Architect: Emerick Architects, Portland, Oregon
Completion: 2007

Seismic strengthening and renovation of an existing 1920's warehouse into an office, retail, and shipping center for a local bakery

Helen Gordon Child Development Center

Owner: Portland State University 
Location: Portland, OR 
Architect: GBD Architects
Completion: 2004

Seismic strengthening of a 20,000 square foot historic 1920's wood and concrete framed structure to the ASCE 31 standard