Beaux Arts Village Residence

Architect: Cutler Anderson Architects
Location: Washington
Completion: 2012

A residence in the Pacific Northwest with foundations bridge over existing Douglas Fir locations. The residence is a generous mixture of wood, steel, and brick veneer.

Famous Tree Residence

Architect: Cutler-Anderson Architects 
Location: Oregon
Completion: 2010

A 2,200 square foot residence in the sagebrush and juniper landscape of central Oregon exposes its board-formed, tinted concrete walls and wood framing to fit in with its surroundings.

Ohana House

Location: Malakapa, Hawaii
Architect: Cutler-Anderson Architects
Completion: 2006

The 3,000 square foot residence consists of 3 separate wings, garage-media,
living-kitchen, and bedroom. The structure is wood and steel framed. The
shed roof slopes in two directions to minimize the effects of trade winds.
Wall framing consists of 2x6 studs at 5 ft o.c. that are reinforced with
steel strongbacks.

Citation winner, 2006 Wood Design Awards

"Record House 2007", Architectural Record Magazine

Ankeny Apartments

Location: Portland, OR
Architect:  COLAB, Portland, OR
Contractor: Rainier Pacific

Portland, OR
Completion: 2014

Four Apartment Buildings

Missoula, Montana Residence

Architect: Cutler-Anderson Architects 
Location: Missoula, Montana 
Completion: 2008

10,000 square foot house