Hood River Commercial Office

We're pleased to work with Surround Architecture in the completion of this concrete masonry and wood office building and and adjacent metal building warehouse, completed spring of 2017 with CS Construction, General Contractor


2017 AIA Housing Award winner for Cutler Anderson and MBE

We've posted earlier on this balloon framed, two story, residence in rural Pennsylvania.  Cutler Anderson provided a twist on the barn door with two story tall wood sliders. 2017 American Institute of Architects Award winner. 



Wildwood Ranch near Eugene, Oregon

In collaboration with 2Form Architecture in Eugene,  and Six Degrees Construction,  we're pleased to see the completion of this residence.  The heavy timber framed residence combined Timberlinx fasteners for the main post to  beam connections and the pool roof had a steel WT and wood flitch beam to support a green roof.   The wood members were fabricated off site in a controlled environment to regulate the moisture content of the wood components of the flitch beam.



Lakeside at Black Butte Ranch

Congratulations to Hacker Architects and Kirby Nagelhout Construction, for winning a Merit Award for the Lakeside Buildings at Black Butte Ranch in Sisters, Oregon

Residence feature in Seattle Times

Recently completed residence in Seattle featured in the Seattle Times.  Project completed with Cutler Anderson Architects, see link below: 






Newberg Residence AIA Award Winner

Congratulations to Cutler Anderson Architects for being selected by the AIA for a 2016 award for the Newberg Residence. The residence, engineered by MBE, utilizes Corten steel moment frames to achieve the open front of the house that meets the pond.  General Contractor R+H from their Bend, Oregon office.



Black Butte Ranch Addition Opens

Madden & Baughman is pleased to see the opening of three new buildings at Black Butte Ranch in Sisters, Oregon.  Thomas Hacker & Associates designed the low-sloped roofs to frame views of the nearby mountains.  The buildings include a new pool house, locker room, bistro, and recreational barn and they were framed with 5x14 cedar posts and a combination of steel girders and glulams. The window frames were load-bearing and wind-resisting glulam posts designed in collaboration with Westview Systems of Dallas, Oregon.

Congratulations to THA and contractor Kirby Nagelhout!

Rigging Analysis for Cirque du Soleil's "Varekai"

Posted by Tom Baughman, Principal

Cirque du Soleil Stage and Rigging in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.                                                                                    Photo:  Justin Brady

Cirque du Soleil Stage and Rigging in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.                                                                                    Photo:  Justin Brady

Madden & Baughman completed a rigging analysis for a Cirque du Soleil production in Portland, Oregon’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum. 

Built in 1958, the Coliseum roof trusses were designed to support weight from suspended equipment for concerts and other arena events.  However, the combined weight of equipment for “Varekai”, the 2015 production from Cirque, exceeded the arena’s specified maximum weight for event rigging.

Using original building drawings, historic steel codes, and information gathered on site, Madden & Baughman analyzed the roof trusses for rigging loads provided by Cirque du Soleil and assisted the building operator in determining rigging configurations to safely distribute the loads to the roof trusses.  After the rigging was installed, Cirque du Soleil performed to sold-out audiences from May 6 to May 10, 2015.

Newberg, Oregon Residence

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
October 17, 2014

Madden & Baughman Engineering recently completed construction phase services for a residence designed by Cutler Anderson Architects of Bainbridge Island, Washington and constructed by R&H Construction of Bend, Oregon. The residence is located in the Dundee Hills wine region outside of Newberg, Oregon.

The house is formed by a shed shaped rectilinear structure serving as the main living quarters, flanked by a garage and bedroom wing. Part of the main house is suspended over a pond which abuts the house’s south face. The house is framed with Corten steel moment frames, which allows for the expanse of glazing in this photo.

Columbia River Gorge Projects Under Construction

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
August 18, 2014

Madden & Baughman Engineering has two projects on opposite sides of the Columbia River near Hood River, Oregon that are currently under construction

Architect: Giulietti/Schouten AIA Architects, Portland, Oregon
General Contractor: Don Young & Associates, Portland, Oregon

The first project, designed by Giulietti/Schouten AIA Architects, is a two story wood framed residence seated on a bluff in White Salmon, Washington, overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. The basic form of the house is a butterfly shaped roof with two cantilevered decks on the east and west sides of the main floor. The living room and master bedrooms all have full height glazing. Madden & Baughman Engineering used a combination of conventional wood framing and steel elements to frame the clerestories and double cantilevers.

Architect: RBA Design, Seattle, Washington
General Contractor: WBS Construction, Portland, Oregon


The second project is located in the low hills, south of the mouth of the Hood River. This one story residence, designed by RBA Design, is framed with a combination of heavy timbers in the main living area with a gabled roof form and full height glazing to capture views of nearby Mount Hood and the hills on the west side of the valley. Twelve inch diameter round logs were sourced from Kalama, Washington for the main roof supporting columns.

Collaboration in Structural Design

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
June 3, 2014

bridge ellen fortin 20140306 web.jpg

A few times a year Madden & Baughman Engineering is fortunate to collaborate on a project that highlights pure structural design as a key feature of the completed form. This project, a light vehicular bridge over a creek, had the goals of shallow structural depth, and the use of naturally weather resistive material to complement the naturally forested site.

Working with architect Ellen Fortin, from Ellen Fortin Design + Architecture, the king post truss form was selected to match the profile of the creek bed. Corten steel was selected for its weather resistive characteristics and natural appearance. Madden & Baughman Engineering has experience specifying Corten steel for other small residential projects, providing the design team with the experience necessary to work around availability and cost constraints that would otherwise make the use of Corten steel impractical.


Preparing for the Future

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
May 3, 2014


We at Madden & Baughman Engineering are very pleased to announce our new location at 815 SW 2nd Avenue in downtown Portland. Thanks to our good friend John Lee at Jones, Lang, LaSalle, we were able to find an open floor office with a glassed in conference room, which has doubled our workspace. Because our office is highly collaborative we've found that an open floor complements our design process. Now that we've hired two excellent engineers this year we're expecting to hire another drafter and have set a goal to produce all of our structural drawings with Revit within the next five years.

Madden & Baughman Engineering on the Move

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
April 24, 2014

We will be moving our offices to a larger space at 815 SW 2nd Ave, Suite 350. We've added three employees in the last year and are expecting to add more. Our office will be closed Friday, April 25th as we make the transition.

Forthcoming Projects: We are in the process of finalizing a seismic strengthening of a 1912 warehouse in the central eastside of Portland, and we are completing an early foundation package for a large residential complex in Bainbridge Island, Washington, which includes townhouses, apartments and single family dwellings.

Northeastern Pennsylvania House Under Construction

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
April 17, 2014

NE PA HOUSE 20140417a web.jpg

Madden & Baughman Engineering provided structural engineering for a residence in remote northeastern Pennsylvania. The residence, designed by Cutler-Anderson Architects, of Bainbridge Island, Washington, is atypical for wood framed structures because the 20 foot tall studs are balloon framed, as seen in the photos above. We will update our blog with more photos as the structure is raised.


Projects in Construction

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
April 10, 2014

20140410 Ankeny.jpg

Madden & Baughman Engineering provided structural engineering design for four new apartment buildings currently under construction on SE Ankeny Street in Portland, Oregon. The site comprises an area of fill that stretches at least four blocks from SE 25th Street to SE 29th Street, and consequently the building is founded on pipe piles and structural grade beams. We are pleased to collaborate with COLAB Architecture + Urban Design on these buildings. The architectural expression will be similar to the Phase One buildings seen in the background.