Collaboration in Structural Design

Posted by Jerome Madden, Principal
June 3, 2014

bridge ellen fortin 20140306 web.jpg

A few times a year Madden & Baughman Engineering is fortunate to collaborate on a project that highlights pure structural design as a key feature of the completed form. This project, a light vehicular bridge over a creek, had the goals of shallow structural depth, and the use of naturally weather resistive material to complement the naturally forested site.

Working with architect Ellen Fortin, from Ellen Fortin Design + Architecture, the king post truss form was selected to match the profile of the creek bed. Corten steel was selected for its weather resistive characteristics and natural appearance. Madden & Baughman Engineering has experience specifying Corten steel for other small residential projects, providing the design team with the experience necessary to work around availability and cost constraints that would otherwise make the use of Corten steel impractical.